Sentence Examples

  • It is an ancestral larval form, corresponding perhaps to the stages immediately succeeding the trochophore in the development of Annelids, but with some of the later-acquired Crustacean characters superposed upon it.
  • I, C and D) is a typical but very specialized form of trochophore, provided with a branching nephridium bearing solenocytes.
  • (From Fraipont.) C, Trochophore of Polygordius.
  • Ment and of the struc ture of the disk to their identification of "trochus" and "cingulum" with the preoral and postoral wreaths of the trochophore larva.
  • 8, D) (which has a male of the same type as Melicerta, &c.) is an extremely modified type, and its resemblance to the trochophore larva of Lepadorhynchus or Polygordius is only superficial.

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