Sentence Examples

  • In length, with 106 mythical portraits of Scottish kings, and a triptych (c. 1484) containing portraits of James III.
  • The altar-piece is a triptych, the centre-piece representing the Crucifixion; beside the cross Luther is represented, with the open Bible in his hand, while the blood from the pierced side of the Saviour pours on to his head.
  • It has a fine brick campanile and brick decoration, and contains a bronze triptych of 1358 in niello, with the Virgin and Child.
  • In the church of Notre Dame (16th century) is Rubens' masterpiece "the miraculous draught of fishes," and in that of St John is a fine triptych by the same master.
  • Nicola in the village contains a remarkable staurotheca of the Ilth (?) century, and a wooden triptych in imitation of the Byzantine style with enamels of the 13th century.