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  • Koerner (Ber., 1884, 17, p. 203) by condensing ortho-nitrobenzaldehyde with aniline, the resulting ortho-nitro-para-diamino-triphenylmethane being reduced to the corresponding orthoamino compound, which on oxidation yields chrysaniline.
  • It sometimes separates with crystals of a solute as " benzene of crystallization," as for example with triphenylmethane, thio-p-tolyl urea, tropine, &c.
  • Fischer showed that these compounds were derivatives of triphenylmethane and tolyldiphenylmethane respectively.
  • The reverse series of operations was also carried out by the Fischers, triphenylmethane being nitrated, and the nitro compound then reduced to triaminotriphenylmethane or paraleucaniline, which on careful oxidation is converted into the dyestuff.
  • TRIPHENYLMETHANE, (C 6 H 5) 3 CH, a hydrocarbon, important as being the parent substance of several series of exceedingly valuable dyestuffs, e.g.

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