Sentence Examples

  • TRIPHENYLMETHANE, (C 6 H 5) 3 CH, a hydrocarbon, important as being the parent substance of several series of exceedingly valuable dyestuffs, e.g.
  • Triphenylmethane is a white crystalline solid, melting at 9 2° and boiling at 358°.
  • Considerable interest is attached to the remarkable series of hydrocarbons obtained by Gomberg (Ber., 1900, 33, p. 3150, et seq.) by acting on triphenylmethane chloride (from triphenylmethane carbinol and phosphorus pentachloride, or from carbon tetrachloride and benzene in the presence of aluminium chloride) and its homologues with zinc, silver or mercury.
  • Triphenylmethane chloride yields triphenylmethyl; ditolylphenylmethyl and tritolylmethyl have also been prepared.
  • Koerner (Ber., 1884, 17, p. 203) by condensing ortho-nitrobenzaldehyde with aniline, the resulting ortho-nitro-para-diamino-triphenylmethane being reduced to the corresponding orthoamino compound, which on oxidation yields chrysaniline.

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