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  • Similar phenomena are exhibited in the electrolysis of solutions of antimony tribromide and tri-iodide, the product obtained from the tribromide having a specific gravity of 5.4, and containing 18-20% of antimony tribromide, whilst that from the tri-iodide has a specific gravity of 5.2-5.8 and contains about 22% of hydriodic acid and antimony tri-iodide.
  • Compounds of antimony with all the halogen elements are known, one atom of the metal combining with three or five atoms of the halogen, except in the case of bromine, where only the tribromide is known.
  • 117) as a scarlet amorphous powder by deposition of solutions of phosphorus in the tri-iodide, tribromide or sulphide (P 4 S 3).
  • 761), and also when a solution of phosphorus in the trichloride or tribromide is exposed to light.
  • The diamide, PN 2 H 4, was obtained by Hugot (ibid., 1905, 141, p. 1235) by acting with ammonia gas on phosphorus tribromide or tri-iodide at -70 0; it is very unstable, and decomposes at -25°.

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