Sentence Examples

  • It is stated too that he was offered, but refused, the lord treasurership. On the 17th of November 1672, however, he became lord chancellor, Bridgman having been compelled to resign the seat.
  • In March 1679 a new parliament hostile to Danby was returned, and he was forced to resign the treasurership; but he received a pardon from the king under the Great Seal, and a warrant for a marquessate.
  • He was, however, still greatly disliked by the Whigs, and William, instead of reinstating him in the lord treasurership, only appointed him president of the council in February 1689.
  • When peace was made, Edward summoned him again as a baron and gave him the Garter and the treasurership of his household.
  • Tower was begun in 1432 during the treasurership of John de Bermingham, and the N.W.