Sentence Examples

  • If the aether were itself constituted of discrete molecules, on the model of material bodies, such transparency would not be conceivable.
  • The greatest transparency hitherto reported is in the eastern basin of the Mediterranean, where J.
  • There is a distinct relationship between colour and transparency in the ocean; the most transparent water which is the most free from plankton is always the purest blue, while an increasing turbidity is usually associated with an increasing tint of green.
  • Within, the palace is unsurpassed for the exquisite detail of its marble pillars and arches, its fretted ceilings and the veil-like transparency of its filigree work in stucco.
  • When chemically pure, which is rarely the case, blende is colourless and transparent; usually, however, the mineral is yellow, brown or black, and often opaque, the depth of colour and degree of transparency depending on the amount of iron present.

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