Sentence Examples

  • Long.), separating the government of Irkutsk from that of Transbaikalia, and has a length of 386 m.
  • Corner of Transbaikalia, and then along the rivers Argun, Amur and Usuri to the frontier of Korea.
  • In the plateau there are in reality two terraces - a higher and a lower, both very well defined in Transbaikalia and in Mongolia.
  • Both rise very gently above it, but have steep slopes towards the lower terrace, which is occupied by the Nerchinsk steppes in Transbaikalia and by the great desert of Gobi in Mongolia (2000 to 2500,ft.
  • Above the sea; the peak of Sokhondo in Transbaikalia (iii ° E.) reaches nearly 8050 ft.