Sentence Examples

  • If we apply Thomson's condition P = TdEIdT = Tp, we have A = T.
  • Finally after traversing the analyser the sum of the two resolved components is a cos (l i t - a) cos 41 3) cos T +a sin (p - a) sin (>G - a) cos (T - p), of which the intensity is {a cos (1k - a) cos (,f,-0) sin sin (-0) cos a 2 sin 2 (tP - a) sin' (-0) sin 2 a 2 cos 2 (13 - a) - a 2 sin 24 - a) sin 2(>!
  • Are intersected by the lines RK, RM, RN, we have SA/AX = TP/PQ = SP/PQ, since the angle PST = angle PTS.
  • The empire thus pushed its frontier-line on from tl~e Elbe tp the Oder, ever as it grew menaced by increasing danger~s.
  • - What led tp the discovery of America led also to the discovery, exploitation and colonization of South Africa.

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