Sentence Examples

  • Before sunrise next morning (the loth) a second "stand" like that on Arafa is made for a short time by torchlight round the mosque of Mozdalifa, but before the sun is fairly up all must be in motion in the second ifada towards Mina.
  • In the seclusion of his villa of Sorgvliet (Fly-from-Care), near the Hague, he lived from this time till his death, occupied in the composition of his autobiography (Eighty-two Years of My Life, first printed at Leiden in 1734) and of his poems. He died on the 12th of September 1660, and was buried by torchlight, and with great ceremony, in the Klooster-Kerk at the Hague.
  • The campaign was unusually animated - only the Whig campaign for William Henry Harrison in 1840 is comparable to it: there were great torchlight processions of "wide-awake" clubs, which did "railfence," or zigzag, marches, and carried rails in honour of their candidate, the "rail-splitter."
  • To the east of the plain of Megara lies that of Eleusis, bounded on the one side by the chain of Kerata, and on the other by that of Aegaleos, through a depression in which was the Plain of line of the sacred way, where the torchlight processions from Athens used to descend to the coast, the "brightly gleaming shores" (Xaµ1rabes aucraL) of Sophocles (Oed.

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