Sentence Examples

  • It may be synthesized from toluene; more interesting is its production when acetone dicarboxylic ester is condensed with the aid of sodium.
  • TOLUENE, Or Methylbenzene, C7H8 Or C6H5 CH 3, an aromatic hydrocarbon; the first homologue of benzene.
  • Hofmann and Muspratt, and they adopted the name toluol (anglicized to toluene), which was proposed by Berzelius.
  • It may be obtained synthetically by Fittig and Tollens's method (above); by Friedel and Craft's process, devised in 1877, of acting with aluminium chloride on a mixture of benzene and methyl chloride; this reaction leads to the production of higher homologues which may, however, break down under the continued action of the aluminium chloride; or by heating the toluene carboxylic acids obtained by oxidizing the higher homologues of benzene.
  • Para-xylene is obtained when camphor is distilled with zinc chloride, but it is best prepared from para-brom-toluene or dibrombenzene, methyl iodide and sodium.

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