Sentence Examples

  • Useful combinations are: borax 10%, carbolic acid 5%, ichthyol 5%, sublimed sulphur 10%, thymol 22%, &c.
  • Malefern, santonine, thymol and other anthelmintic remedies are prescribed.
  • OH(3), is formed when thymol (paraisopropyl-meta-cresol) is heated with phosphorus pentoxide.
  • THYMOL, C10H,40 or C 6 H 3 (OH) (CH 3) (C 3 H 7) [1: 3: 6 ], a methylisopropylphenol isomeric with carvacrol, is an aromatic substance found with the hydrocarbons cymene, C, 0 H, 4j and thymene, Collis, in oil of thyme (from Thymus vulgaris) and in other essential oils, e.g.
  • Thymol crystallizes in large colourless plates, which melt at 44° and boil at 230°.

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