Sentence Examples

  • By the kingdom of Saxony and the small Thuringian states.
  • It is, however, very irregular in form, entirely surrounding parts of Brunswick and the Thuringian states, and itself possessing several exclaves, while the northern portion is almost severed from the southern by the duchy of Anhalt.
  • The major part belongs to the great North-German plain, but the western and south-western districts include parts of the Harz, with the Brocken, its highest summit, and the Thuringian Forest.
  • In 1747 Frederick the Great brought a colony of Thuringian cutlers to the town, but this branch of industry has entirely died out.
  • There are six main line railway stations, of which the Dresden and the Magdeburg lie side by side in the north-east corner of the promenade, the Thuringian and Berlin stations further away in the northern suburb; in the eastern is the Eilenburg station (for Breslau and the east) and in the south the Bavarian station.

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