Sentence Examples

  • Much the same as support hose for fibromyalgia or socks that encourage circulation to prevent deep vein thrombosis, this sort of lingerie, whether for men or women, is welcome despite its strangeness, intrusiveness or downright ugliness.
  • When one or more blood vessels in the kidneys become narrowed (renal artery stenosis) because of debris and plaque build-up, or blocked because of a blood clot (renal vein thrombosis), the kidneys are unable to function properly.
  • He or she will also place the stethoscope over the child's abdomen; when renal vein thrombosis is present, the doctor may hear an abnormal "whooshing" as blood tries to flow through the blocked vessel.
  • A less common test used to diagnose renal vein thrombosis is renal venography, also called renal angiography, an x-ray examination of the renal veins after a contrast material (dye) has been injected.
  • Finally, if only one of your legs is swollen, especially if the swollen area is red and painful, contact your health care provider as this may be a sign you are developing a deep vein thrombosis.