Sentence Examples

  • The thiophen homologues are best prepared by heating the 1.4 diketones with phosphorus pentasulphide, the diketones reacting in the enolic form: Thiotenol, or oxymethyl thiophene, is prepared by heating laevulinic acid with phosphorus pentasulphide (W.
  • It separates from benzene and thiophene with one molecule of the "solvent of crystallization."
  • The -y-diketones are characterized by the readiness with which they yield furfurane, pyrrol and thiophene derivatives, the furfurane derivatives being formed by heating the ketones with a dehydrating agent, the thiophenes, by heating with phosphorus pentasulphide, and the pyrrols by the action of alcoholic ammonia or amines.
  • Thus benzene, (CH) gives thiophene, (CH) S, from which it is difficultly distinguished; pyridine, (CH) N, gives thiazole, (CH) N S, which is a very similar substance; naphthalene gives thionaphthen, C 11 S, with which it shows great analogies, especially in the derivatives.
  • The three primary members are furfurane, thiophene and pyrrol, each of which contains four methine or CH groups, and an oxygen, sulphur and imido (NH) member respectively; a series of compounds containing selenium is also known.

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