Sentence Examples

  • Aniline combines directly with alkyl iodides to form secondary and tertiary amines; boiled with carbon disulphide it gives sulphocarbanilide (diphenyl thio-urea), CS(NHC 6 H 5) 2, which may be decomposed into phenyl mustard-oil, C 6 H 5 CNS, and triphenyl guanidine, C 6 H 5 N: C(NHC6H5)2.
  • MERCAPTANS (Thio-alcohols), organic chemical compounds of the type R.SH (R = an alkyl group).
  • Arsenic compounds containing selenium and sulphur are known, such as arsenic seleno-sulphide, AsSeS2, and arsenic thio-selenide, AsSSe2.
  • Sulphides and Thio-acids.-Phosphorus and sulphur combine energetically with considerable rise of temperature to form sulphides.
  • By the condensation of ortho-aminophenols with phosgene or thiophosgene, oxy and thio-derivatives are obtained, the (OH) and (SH) groups being situated in the t t position, and these compounds on treatment with amines yield amino derivatives.

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