Sentence Examples

  • HELENA PETROVNA BLAVATSKY (1831-1891), Russian theosophist, was born at Ekaterinoslav, on the 31st of July (O.S.) 183 ',the daughter of Colonel Peter Hahn, a member of a Mecklenburg family, settled in Russia.
  • The theosophist, on the other hand, is most at his ease when moving within the circle of the Divine essence, into which he seems to claim absolute insight.
  • There is still a certain difference observable, however, in so far as the speculative mystic remains primarily concerned with the theory of the soul's relation to God, while the theosophist gives his thoughts a wider scope, and frequently devotes himself to the elaboration of a fantastic philosophy of nature.
  • Still more typical examples of theosophy are furnished by the mystical system of Meister Eckhart and the doctrine of Jacob Boehme, who is known as "the theosophist" par excellence.
  • As Boehme is the typical theosophist, and as modern theosophy has nourished itself almost in every case upon the study of his works, his dominating conceptions supply us with the best illustration of the general trend of this mode of thought.

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