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  • In morphine, on the higher animals at least, the narcotic action is very marked, the tetanizing action slightly so; while in thebaine there is little narcotic effect, but a tetanizing action like that of strychnine.
  • Thebaine, another alkaloid, was discovered by Thiboumery in 1835; whilst, in 1848, Merck isolated papaverine from commercial narcotine.
  • Cotarnine IV.Narceine The chemistry of morphine, codeine and thebaine is exceedingly complicated, and the literature enormous.
  • That these alkaloids are closely related may be suspected from their empirical formulae, viz.morphine = C17H19N03, codeine = C18H21N03, thebaine = C19H21N03.
  • Thebenine and morphothebaine, from both codeine and thebaine, thereby establishing their connexion.

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