Sentence Examples

  • He maintained close relations with Poland because of the Turkish advance and the Polish contest with the Teutonic Knights.
  • "replevin"; it is now considered to be a word of Teutonic origin and connected with Ger.
  • Floccus, but many Teutonic languages have the same word in various forms), a tuft of wool, cotton or similar substance.
  • Having made an alliance with Christian II., king of Denmark, and interfered to protect the Teutonic Order against Sigismund I., king of Poland, Maximilian was again in Italy early in 1516 fighting the French who had overrun Milan.
  • Only the death of Stephen, the great hospodar of Moldavia, enabled Poland still to hold her own on the Danube; while the liberality of Pope Julius II., who issued no fewer than 29 bulls in favour of Poland and granted Alexander Peter's Pence and other financial help, enabled the Polish king to restrain somewhat the arrogance of the Teutonic Order.

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