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  • The valves are also in some species very unequal in their respective thickness, as may be seen in Productus (Daviesiella) 1 llangollensis, Davidsonia verneuilii, &c., and while the space allotted to the animal is very great in many species, as in Terebratula sphaeroidalis, it is very small in others belonging to Stro phomena, Leptaena, Chonetes, &c. The ventral valve is usually the thickest, and in some forms is six or seven times as great as the opposite one.
  • Traces of the original colour have also been preserved in some of the fossil forms; radiating bands of a reddish tint have been often seen in wellpreserved examples of Terebratula (Dielasma) hastata, T.
  • The ventral valve is usually the larger, and in many genera, such as Terebratula and Rhynchonella, has a prominent beak or umbo, with a circular or otherwise shaped foramen at or near its extremity, partly bounded by one or two plates, termed a deltidium.
  • Terebratula (Liothyris) vitrea.
  • In the Testicardines, of which the genus Terebratula may be taken as an example, five or six pairs of muscles are stated by A.

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