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  • This element of public confession for sin became more prominent in the days when synagogal worship developed, and prayer took the place of the sacrificial offerings which could only be offered in the Jerusalem temple.
  • But it is highly probable that this prohibition, in the case of the Targums, was mainly enforced with respect to those parts of the Old Testament which were read in the synagogal services, e.g.
  • In this he gives a masterly survey of synagogal rites.
  • 8), instead of the Synagogal twenty-four (see Baba Bathra 14b).
  • A Mishnic derivative from 55, hillel, " to praise"), a term in synagogal liturgy for (a) Psalms cxiii.-cxviii., often called "the Egyptian Hallel" because of its recitation during the paschal meal on the night of the Passover, (b) Psalm cxxxvi.

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