Sentence Examples

  • Perhaps a pair of amethyst lenses or a turquoise pair with a golden sunburst in the middle-meant to mimic a "your eyes, but better" look-is off the wall for you and you're in the mood to turn up your stare a notch.
  • Sunburst Musicians' Student Line: Granted, the name "Sunburst" doesn't scream "rock royalty" like Stratocaster, but if you're looking for a reasonable price tag, consider this line.
  • Available in white, yellow, or rose gold, this model features self-winding mechanical movements, anthracite sunburst dials, and water resistance to 30 meters.
  • The Musicians' Student line by Sunburst offers many different guitar sizes, and they are sold as packages with everything a guitar novice needs.
  • Style 60226B: This classic cat-eye, with a sunburst detail on the arms, is the perfect summer wardrobe addition to any fashion maven's closet.