Sentence Examples

  • The government paid the company a subvention of f3935 monthly.
  • 53 the emperor Claudius made a subvention of io million sesterces (I,087,50o).
  • But the Bagdad Railway Company' (the share capital of which is £600,000 half paid up), naturally anxious to earn the whole of the capitalized subvention, completed the construction of the entire 200 kilometres.
  • The local chief accepted this change on condition that he should retain his local authority, and receive a yearly subvention of 1000 until 1870.
  • In 1905 imports into Kaiser Wilhelms Land were valued at £33,316, and exports at £7702, and the estimated expenditure for1907-1908of £76,000 included an imperial subvention of £57,696.