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  • The presence of the heptamethylene ring in these compounds is shown by the production of suberone by the exhaustive methylation, &c., of hydroecgoni dine ethyl ester (see POLYMETHYLENES and TROPINE).
  • Cyclo-heptanol, C,H 13 0H, is formed by the reduction of suberone, and by the action of silver nitrite on the hydrochloride of cyclo- hexanamine (N.
  • Cyclo-heptanone (suberone), C 7 H 12 O, is formed on the distillation of suberic acid with lime, and from a-brom-cyclo-heptane carboxylic acid by treatment with baryta and subsequent distillation over lead peroxide (R.
  • The corresponding oxyacid is obtained by the hydrolysis of the nitrile, which is formed by the addition of hydrocyanic acid to suberone (A.
  • Amino-cyclo-heptane (suberylamine) is obtained by the reduction of suberone oxime or by the action of sodium hypobromite on the amide of cycloheptane carboxylic acid.

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