Sentence Examples

  • The temple is entirely of Pentelic marble, except the foundations and lowest step of the stylobate, which are of Peiraic stone, and the zophoros of the cella, which is in Parian marble.
  • The peristyle, if we compare the measurements of the stylobate with those of the drums built into the wall of the Acropolis, may be concluded to have consisted of six Doric columns at the ends and twelve at the sides.
  • Resting on a stylobate of three steps; its length is 27 ft., its breadth 182 ft., and its total height, from the apex of the pediment to the bottom of the steps, 23 ft.
  • With the exception of the foundations and two lower steps of the stylobate, it was entirely of Pentelic marble, and possessed 104 Corinthian columns, 56 ft.