Sentence Examples

  • Some playpens have been recalled because they have protruding rivets, which are similar to nut and bolt fasteners but aren't removable, that can cause a child's clothing or pacifier ribbon to snag, risking strangulation to the child.
  • Developed after the company's founder lost her beloved dog Chinook to a tragic strangulation accident, the KeepSafe collar is designed to prevent a dog from being choked to death should his collar become stuck on an object.
  • To help reduce the risk of falls, strangulation, suffocation, and burns, do not position the crib near windows, draperies, electrical cords, hanging wall decorations, heating sources, curtain cords or climbable furniture.
  • Twisting of any portion of the intestines may cut off the supply of blood to a loop of bowel (strangulation), reducing the flow of oxygen to bowel tissue (ischemia) and leading to tissue death (gangrene).
  • Causes of choking or airway obstruction-injury deaths include suffocation by things such as pillows, choking on food or small objects, and strangulation from window blind and clothing strings.