Sentence Examples

  • - Leaves species of Pinus, and Miss Stopes and Dr Fujii have made important contributions on the structure of Cretaceous plants from Japan.
  • (1909); Stopes and Fujii, " Structure and Affinities of Cretaceous Plants," Phil.
  • (1898); Wieland, " American Fossil Cycads," Carnegie Institution Publication (1906); Stopes, " Beitrage zur Kenntnis der Fortpflanzungsorgane der Cycadeen," Flora (1904); Caldwell, " Microcycas Calocoma," Bot.
  • A thorough examination of cycadean seeds has recently been made by Miss Stopes, more particularly with a view to a comparison of their vascular supply with that in Palaeozoic gymnospermous seeds (Flora, 1904).
  • The working-place in such case is considerably narrower than in rooms or stopes, and there is also greater difficulty in supporting the roof because the projecting beds tend to break close to the point of support where the strain is greatest.

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