Sentence Examples

  • In the lower sanctuary the natural pillars of stalagmite had been used as objects of worship, and bronze votive objects thrust into their crevices (Halbherr, Museo di antichitd classica, ii.
  • The succession of beds in descending order is as follows: - (1) Shingle consisting of pebbles of limestone, slate and other local rocks, with fragments of stalagmite and containing a few bones and worked flints.
  • (6) Stalagmite with a few bones and antlers of reindeer, the thickness varying from one to fifteen inches.
  • At a later period the fall of angular fragments at the entrance finally closed the cave, and it ceased to be accessible except to a few burrowing animals, whose remains are found above the second and newer stalagmite floor.
  • Each stalactite, stalagmite and pilaster was measured, numbered, and removed in sections.

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