Sentence Examples

  • Two equal sprocket wheels Q 1, Q 2, are fastened, the one to the spring pulley, the other to the shaft.
  • The sprocket wheel is connected by a chain with a similar sprocket wheel which is keyed on the same shaft as that of the left-hand pulley.
  • When the poise arrives at zero it frees the clutch which connects the pulley and the sprocket wheel, and the machine is then ready for the next load.
  • Together by clutch gearing the left-hand pulley and the adjacent sprocket wheel, and the pulley drives the sprocket wheel in the opposite direction to that which it had before.
  • When the load to be weighed comes upon the platform, the end of the steelyard rises and unlocks the ratchet wheel through the pawl; the sprocket gearing is driven by the friction clutch, and drives the axle of the left-hand small pulley.