Sentence Examples

  • The sprat, pilchard or sardine and shad are species of the same genus.
  • Laristan is famous for the condiment called mahiabeh (fish-jelly), a compound of pounded small sprat-like fish, salt, mustard, nutmeg, cloves and other spices, used as a relish with nearly all foods.
  • The sprat cannot be confounded with the herring, as it has no teeth on the vomer and only 47 or 48 scales in the lateral line.
  • SPRAT, a marine fish (Clupea sprattus), named `` garvie " in Scotland, one of the smallest species of the genus Clupea or herrings, rarely exceeds 5 in.
  • The sprat spawns in the open sea from February to May and is only occasionally captured in the ripe condition.