Sentence Examples

  • Moisturizing is necessary day and night for the face to maintain a youthful appearance, and is also helpful regularly for the hands and body, while protection should also be done daily with the help of sunscreen or an SPF moisturizer.
  • Free of harmful, harsh and potentially irritating ingredients, the line includes diaper rash ointment, SPF 30 sun protection cream for babies, baby moisturizer, stretch mark cream, hair recovery treatment and spider vein treatment.
  • Many dermatologists recommend that their patients avoid the sun altogether, and, if they wish to maintain good skin throughout their lifetime, it is expedient for them to start an intimate relationship with SPF 50 sun block.
  • Proactiv Plus Deluxe - In addition to the three-step basic products, the deluxe system includes the oil free moisturizer with SPF and a daily oil control product to help keep oil at a minimum throughout the day.
  • Even if you want to spend a little bit of your time to sun bathing, it's best to keep it at a minimum and after about thirty to sixty minutes in the sun, with an SPF of 15 or higher, it's time to seek shelter.

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