Sentence Examples

  • He published four volumes of sonnets which have been highly praised.
  • A MS. collection of seventy-two sonnets, entitled The Tarantula of Love, and a translation (1587) from the Italian of the Triumphs of Petrarke are preserved in the library of the university of Edinburgh, in the collection bequeathed by his nephew, William Drummond.
  • In 1618 he wrote two cycles of religious sonnets, La Corona and the Holy Sonnets, the latter not printed in complete form until by Mr Gosse in 1899.
  • Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote sonnets to " the large-brained woman and large-hearted man, self-named George Sand."
  • Among them are some satirical sonnets describing Roman manners, and the later ones written after his return to Paris are often appeals for patronage.