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  • At a synod at Toulouse in 1056, Berengar of Narbonne accused the bishop of having purchased his see for ioo,000 solidi, and of having plundered his church and sold relics and crucifixes to Spanish Jews in order to secure another ioo,000 solidi with which to buy for his brother the bishopric of Urgel.
  • In return for these, the antrustion enjoyed certain valuable advantages, as being specially entitled to the royal assistance and protection; his wergeld is three times that of an ordinary Frank; the slayer of a Frank paid compensation of 200 solidi, that of an antrustion had to find boo.
  • These Gallo-Romans then took the name of convivae regis, and the wergeld of 300 solidi was three times that of a homo romanus.
  • The antrustions, belonging as they did to one body, had strictly defined duties towards one another; thus one antrustion was forbidden to bear witness against another under penalty of 15 solidi compensation.
  • Larger gold coins (solidi) are very rare.

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