Sentence Examples

  • So if you will be using your leather slingback purse not as a supplemental book-carrier but as your main handbag, make sure that your valuables are stowed in an interior pocket or at the very bottom of your bag.
  • Turquoise leather handbags are available as clutches, hobos, shoulder bags, evening bags, -- from slingback purses to briefcases, you name the style, and there is probably a teal or turquoise version available.
  • Huggy: Similar to a classic Birkenstock, especially if you choose the caramel color option, the Huggy is an open-toed slingback with an adjustable buckle on the ankle strap and layered top straps.
  • Slingbacks: The slingback Lanvin style can be worn with a slightly lower heel and in a casual fabric, for daytime glamour, or selected with a sky-high heel in an upper material like satin.
  • Online leather outfitters such as have a few slingback styles that come in a decent variety of colors including: burgundy, dark green, brown, black, navy and off-white.

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