Sentence Examples

  • In spite of all the provisions of the canon law it is well established that simony was deeply rooted in the medieval church.
  • Machiavelli calls luxury, simony and cruelty the three dear friends and handmaids of the same pope.'
  • And, best proof of all, numerous decisions as to what is or is not simony are to be found in the reported decisions of the Roman rota.
  • The penalty is forfeiture by the offender of any advantage from the simoniacal transaction, of his patronage by the patron, of his benefice by the presentee; and now by the Benefices Act 1892, a person guilty of simony is guilty of an offence for which he may be proceeded against under the Clergy Discipline Act 1892.
  • The right to present to a benefice in a newly appointed bishop's patronage at the option of the archbishop. By canon 40 of the canons of 1603 an oath against simony was to be administered to every person admitted to any spiritual or ecclesiastical function, dignity or benefice.

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