Sentence Examples

  • Didelphia, the alternative name of the group was given in allusion to the circumstance that the uterus has two separate openings; while other features are the inclusion of the openings of the alimentary canal and the urino-genital sinus in a common sphincter muscle, and the position of the scrotum in advance of the penis.
  • Male genitals are the penis, testes (in the scrotum) prostate gland and the ducts.
  • Candidal infections of the groin often involve the scrotum, in contrast to dermatophyte groin infections, which do not usually involve this area.
  • Other warning signs include a general sensation of heaviness in the scrotum, or a dull ache in the lower abdomen or groin.
  • Boys may have a swollen scrotum, which in rare cases, can lead to twisting of the testis (testicular torsion).

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