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  • Brisson in 1760 acknowledged it as forming a distinct genus Carianaa, while Linnaeus regarded it as a second species of Palamedea (see Screamer), under the name of P. cristata, Englished by J.
  • 20) the "Crested Screamer," - an appellation since transferred to a wholly different bird.
  • Among the Amazon species may be mentioned the parrot, macaw (Macrocercus), toucan (Ramphastos), curassow (Crax), penelope, trogon, and horned screamer (Palamedea cornuta).
  • SCREAMER, a bird inhabiting Guiana and the Amazon valley, so called in 1781 by T.
  • Closely related to this bird is another first described by Linnaeus as a species of Parra (see Jacana), to which group it certainly does not belong, but separated therefrom by Illiger to form the genus Chauna, and now known as C. chavaria, very generally in English as the " Crested Screamer," a name which was first bestowed on the Seriema.

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