Sentence Examples

  • Author Stephanie Meyer's popular Twilight series about the mystical secrets involving Edward the vampire, Jacob the werewolf, and Bella the sweet schoolgirl loved by both of them, has attracted millions of fans the world over.
  • However, it isn't really a game per se - the only way to lose would be to stop playing, and winning is mainly a matter of clicking the "next" button and reading what your character says to the next animated schoolgirl.
  • If you've been sucked into Stephanie Meyer's world of vampire-werewolf-teenage schoolgirl love triangle madness, then you have a great chance at winning Twilight board games.
  • Even more popular than the naughty nurse or sexy schoolgirl, these daring ensembles let a woman strut her stuff whether she's in the bedroom or at a Halloween party.
  • For fantasy lingerie, check out 3 Wishes, which also uses some plus size models and shows how sexy the classic costumes of nurse, maid and naughty schoolgirl can be.