Sentence Examples

  • Large numbers of Hyksos scarabs are found in Upper and Lower Egypt, and they are not unknown in Palestine.
  • In later times in Egypt a class of large glass scarabs for funerary purposes seem to be adjusted to the shekel (30).
  • Avaris is generally assigned to the region towards Pelusium on the strength of its being located in the Sethroite nome by Josephus, but Petrie thinks it was at Tell el-Yahudiyeh (Yehudia), where Hyksos scarabs are common.
  • (9) The scarabs bearing kings names, which under the Hyksos and in some other dark periods, are our main source of information.
  • The Hyksos names can in some cases be recognized by their foreign aspect, the peculiar style of the scarabs on which they are engraved or by resemblances to those recorded in Manetho.

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