Sentence Examples

  • Large numbers of Hyksos scarabs are found in Upper and Lower Egypt, and they are not unknown in Palestine.
  • (9) The scarabs bearing kings names, which under the Hyksos and in some other dark periods, are our main source of information.
  • It is significant that the first iron swords in Cyprus are of a type characteristic of the lands bordering the Adriatic. Gold and even silver become rare; 5 foreign imports almost cease; engraved cylinders and scarabs are replaced by conical and pyramidal seals like those of Asia Minor, and dress-pins by brooches (fibulae) like those of south-eastern Europe.
  • Phoenician names are found cut both on cylinder matrices and on scarabs by the Phoenician engravers employed in Assyria and Egypt; and, when the cone-shaped matrix superseded the cylinder in Western Asia, the Phoenicians conformed to the change.
  • In later times in Egypt a class of large glass scarabs for funerary purposes seem to be adjusted to the shekel (30).

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