Sentence Examples

  • If you'd rather not have your body on show all the time, want to protect yourself from the sun, or just need something to slip into when you're going between pool, bar and café, a sarong, swim dress or other coverup is ideal.
  • No matter the shell color you choose, you can complete your themed look by adding a grass skirt, flowers and even a long and brightly colored sarong in shades of green or teal, as that will be very reminiscent of the ocean.
  • A candlelight wedding and ball gown will flatter a mature complexion and figure, but a tropical sarong over a gold lame t-shirt may be your perfect second marriage wedding dress - only you and your groom can decide.
  • Just keep in mind that in some southeast Asian cultures, the sarong is usually worn a bit higher up on the waist, but that's only because it can come loose and "slip" down, so you may want to make a note of that.
  • Runabout Sarong Swim Skirt: The tankini that is paired with this swim skirt has very thin shoulder straps, so your upper body might appear a bit more delicate, while the swim skirt is simply a thing of beauty.