Sentence Examples

  • Father Marquette in his voyage down the Mississippi camped upon the western border, and La Salle built Fort Prud'homme upon the Chickasaw Bluffs, probably on the site of Memphis, in 1682, but it was abandoned, then rebuilt, and again abandoned.
  • To her colonial empire in America he added the greater part of Santo Domingo, Tobago and Dominica; he restored Guiana; prepared for the acquisition of Louisiana by supporting Cavelier de la Salle; extended the suzerainty of the king on the coast of Africa from the Bay of Arguin to the shores of Sierra Leone, and instituted the first commercial relations with India.
  • The king, urged by the privileged classes, responded to this first revolutionary act, as in 1614, by closing the Salle des Menus Plaisirs where the third estate were sitting; where- Oath of upon, gathered in one of the tennis-courts under the the presidency of Bailly, they swore on the 20th of June tennls~ not to separate before having established the con- COtIlt stitution of the kingdom.
  • The site of the city was probably visited by La Salle in 1669 or 1670.
  • On the 5th of May the states-general were opened by Louis in the Salle des Menus Plaisirs at Versailles.

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