Sentence Examples

  • The Egyptians, though acquainted with the bastard safflower, do not seem to have possessed saffron; but it is named in Canticles iv.
  • The best of these preparations are such as have for their basis carthamine, obtained from the safflower (Carthamus tinctorius).
  • The Chinese prepare a rouge, said to be from safflower, which, spread on the cards on which it is sold, has a brilliant metallic green lustre, but when moistened and applied to the skin assumes a delicate carmine tint.
  • Principal oil - seeds: til (Sesamum orientale), mustard, castor-oil, safflower and linseed.
  • On being heated above 250° up to 300° some oils, like linseed oil, safflower oil, tung oil (Chinese or Japanese wood oil) and even castor oil, undergo a change which is most likely due to polymerization.