Sentence Examples

  • The dogmas of the Basilidians, as given by Hippolytus, read almost like passages from Neoplatonic works: g ird oWv v, obx 6N n, OLO"Ga, OLK Q,vo u nov, obx Q.7f abvOErop, OLK av671r011, OLK ava(o-Oi j rov, OLK twOpw'ros ()UK Oeos avwi]TWS, ava60Oi i rw,, ?L7rpoatp g TWS, loraOWS, ?a/en-Ow/iron KOOµov 7)O %7] oE 7ro ijo-aL.
  • 14, 1814), Norway as a free and independent kingdom was united to Sweden under a common king, is No rw ay.
  • 3, 166 in Didot edition.) His astronomical and mathematical writings include 'T7rOTU/rW vtS ao-rpovo a!

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