Sentence Examples

  • Other letters, however, have been taken over from the Runic and Latin alphabets.
  • Two years later he published Five Pieces of Runic Poetry, translated from the Islandic. In 1763 he edited the earl of Surrey's poems with an essay on early blank verse, translated the Song of Solomon, and published a key to the New Testament.
  • Stephens, Handbook to the Runic Monuments (London, 1884), p. 203; F.
  • Although the heathen Angles had their own runic alphabet, it is unlikely that any poetry was written down until a generation had grown up trained in the use of the Latin letters learned from Christian missionaries.
  • Wimmer supports his thesis with great learning and ingenuity, and when allowance is made for the fact that a script to be written upon wood, as the runes were, of necessity avoids horizontal lines which run along the fibres of the wood, and would therefore be indistinct, most of the runic signs thus receive a plausible explanation.

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