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  • Rost); in origin it is allied with "ruddy" and "red," the reddish-brown powdery substance which forms on the surface of iron or steel exposed to atmospheric corrosion.
  • A contemporary of his earlier period, Paris Mumuleanu (1794-1837), wrote his Rost de poezie (1820) under Greek influence, but afterwards passed under the spell of Maior and Tzikindea, whose Latin propaganda he was one of the first to advocate in Rumania.
  • Rost related be true, namely that they called themselves A postolici, and went barefooted healing the sick, they must have at least absorbed into themselves a sect of whom we hear in the 12th century in the north of Europe as deferring baptism to the age of 30, and rejecting oaths, prayers for the dead, relics and invocation of saints.
  • The Moravian Anabaptists, says Rost, went bare-footed, washed each other's feet (like the Fraticelli), had all goods in common, worked everyone at a handicraft, had a spiritual father who prayed with them every morning and taught them, dressed in black and had long graces before and after meals.
  • 5 Meissner-Rost, Bauinschrift Sanheribs, K.

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