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  • The oldest permanent settlements in the state are (New) Biloxi (c. 1712), situated across the bay from Old Biloxi and nearer to the Gulf, and Natchez or Fort Rosalie (1716).
  • In1729-1730the Natchez tribe destroyed Fort St Peter, and some of the small outposts, and almost destroyed the Fort Rosalie (Natchez) settlement.
  • The task was taken up and continued by two other friars of the Couvent des Petits Peres, Father Ange de Sainte-Rosalie (Francois Raffard, 16J51726), and Father Simplicien (Paul Lucas, 1683-1759), who published the first and second volumes of the third edition in 1726.
  • The comte de Chinon, as the heir to the Richelieu honours was called, was married at fifteen to Rosalie de Rochechouart, a deformed child of twelve, with whom his relations were never more than formal.
  • Evans (14,330, Hayden), in Clear Creek county, and Rosalie Peak (13575), in Park county; a little farther north, in Gilpin, Grand and Clear Creek counties, James Peak (13,283, Hayden), and, in Boulder county, Long's Peak (14,271, Hayden).

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