Sentence Examples

  • Not only was Rita the fastest typist in Parkside, she was the neatest.
  • But the idea of Law was generalized in the figure of Rita (what is " fitted " or " fixed "; or the " course " or " path " which is traversed), whose Zend equivalent asha shows that the conception had been reached before the separation of the Eastern Aryans produced the migrations into India and Iran.'
  • In the Rig Veda the gods (even those of storm) are again and again described as "born from the Rita," or born in it, according to it, or of it.
  • In virtue of the mystic identity between the cosmic phenomena and sacrifice, Rita may be also viewed as the principle of the cultus; and from that sphere it passes into conduct and acquires the meaning of morality and is equated with what is " true."
  • Like Rita, it rises into an object of worship, and in its most exalted aspect (Asha vahista, the " best " Asha, most excellent righteousness) it is identified with Ahura himself, being fourth among his sacred names (Ormazd Yasht, § 7; S.B.E.

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