Sentence Examples

  • Earlier than any of these is the rhyming Lyfe of Alisaunder (c. 1330) which is printed in H.
  • Fragments of another rhyming poem (pr.
  • Firdousi accepted the challenge, and the three poets having previously agreed upon three rhyming words to which a fourth could not be found in the Persian language, 'Ansari began "Thy beauty eclipses the light of the sun"; Farrakhi added "The rose with thy cheek would comparison shun"; 'Asjadi continued "Thy glances pierce through the mailed warrior's johsun"; 1 and Firdousi, without a moment's hesitation, completed the quatrain "Like the lance of fierce Giv in his fight with Poshun."
  • A mesnevi is a poem written in rhyming couplets, and is usually narrative in subject.
  • Another mystic poet of this early time was `Ashil Pasha, who left a long poem in rhyming couplets, which is called, inappropriately enough, his Divan.

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