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  • Arsenic possesses a steel-grey colour, and a decided metallic lustre; it crystallizes on sublimation and slow condensation in rhombohedra, isomorphous with those of antimony and tellurium.
  • Ferrous carbonate, FeCO3, or spathic iron ore, may be obtained as microscopic rhombohedra by adding sodium bicarbonate to ferrous sulphate and heating to 150° for 36 hours.
  • The apparent hexagonal bipyramid is really a combination of two rhombohedra, the direct rhombohedron r{ loo} and the inverse rhombohedron z{221{.
  • The faces of these two rhombohedra exhibit differences in surface characters, those of r being usually brighter in lustre than those of z; further, the former often predominate in size (figs.
  • It crystallizes in microscopic rhombohedra insoluble in cold acids.

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