Sentence Examples

  • So long was the publication delayed that it was generally believed that Temple Franklin had sold all the papers to the British government; a French version, Memoires de la vie privie (Paris, 1791), was retranslated into English twice in 1793 (London), and from one of these versions (by Robinson) still another French version was made (Paris, 1798).
  • It was translated into Greek by Simeon Sethus towards the close of the th century; his version, however, does not appear to have been retranslated into any other European language.
  • Latterly the word fuero came to be used in Castile in a wider sense than before, as meaning a general code of laws; thus about the time of Saint Ferdinand the old Lex Visigothorum, then translated for the first time into the vernacular, was called the Fuero Juzgo, a name which was soon retranslated into the barbarous Latin of the period as Forum Judicum; 4 and among the compilations of Alphonso the Learned in like manner were an Espejo de Fueros and also the Fuero de las leyes, better known perhaps as the Fuero Real.
  • Secondly, many passages must be retranslated into Greek before we can discover the source of the various corruptions.
  • (3) The text must be retranslated into Hebrew in order to explain unintelligible expressions and restore the true text.

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