Sentence Examples

  • It is evident that in this case also the palace was overtaken by a great catastrophe, followed by a partial reoccupation towards the close of the Late Minoan age (L.
  • From thence they returned late in the 18th century to the reoccupation of their old ground in Kulja under the Chinese.
  • After the Persian retreat and the reoccupation of their city the Athenians continued the war with unabated vigour.
  • Upon the reoccupation of Rome by the French after Mentana, Antonelli again ruled supreme, but upon the entry of the Italians in 1870 was obliged to restrict his activity to the management of foreign relations.
  • About Shiloh Church, a strong rearguard under Bragg repulsed the attacks of Grant and Buell for six hours before withdrawing, and all that Grant and Buell achieved was the reoccupation of the abandoned camps.